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Subject Access Request

Subject Access Request
24 May 2018

The Data Protection Officer for Firefly Sports Testing is Shauna O'Conner.

Filling out this form online is not compulsory, as any request in writing is considered a valid request to Firefly Sports Testing. There is no fee to submit a SAR request.

If you prefer to send an email, please send it to:

Shauna O'Conner
Attention: Data Protection Officer
Subject: Subject Access Request

If you prefer to send a letter, please send it to:


Shauna O'Conner
Attention: Data Protection Officer
Subject Access Request
Firefly Sports Testing
78 Londonderry Turnpike Unit D5
Hooksett, NH 03106


If you find it impossible or unreasonably difficult to make a request in writing, Firefly Sports Testing may make a reasonable adjustment for you under the Equality Act 2010 (or Disability Discrimination Act 1995 in Northern Ireland). This could mean, for example, that Firefly Sports Testing will consider treating a verbal request for information as a valid Subject Access Request.


For reasonable adjustments, please contact:

Shauna O'Conner at (603) 715-5453


The Subject Access Request (SAR) Procedure

1. The data subject makes in writing a request to Firefly Sports Testing for data held by Firefly Sports Testing
The subject can request all data held on them or specific information.

2. Firefly Sports Testing records the date that the identification checks were conducted, and the specification of the data sought.

3. Once received, the Subject Access Request (SAR) application is immediately forwarded to the Data Protection Officer for Firefly Sports Testing, who will ensure that the requested data is collected within the specified time frame.

4. Firefly Sports Testing provides the requested information to the data subject within 30 days from this recorded date.


The collection data process entails:

  • - Collecting the data specified by the data subject, or

  • - Searching all databases and all relevant filing systems (manual and electronic) held by Firefly Sports Testing, including all backed up and archived files and all email folders and archives.


Please note:

  • The Data Protection Officer maintains a data map that identifies where all data at Firefly Sports Testing is stored.

  • A record of all requests for data, and of its receipt (including dates) is held on file by the Data Protection  Officer. 

  • Firefly Sports Testing does not collect data on minors and no data is available to produce reports on minors.

  • Firefly Sports Testing does not use automated decision-making processes.

  • If third party information (another individual or organisation) is bound to a Subject Access Request (SAR), the Data Protection Officer will review the documents and remove the third-party information from the documentation or obtain written consent from the third party for their identity to be revealed in any SAR request they did not initiate. If we cannot remove the third-party information and the third party does not agree to its disclosure and it is not reasonable to release it without third party consent, then we cannot release the information to you.

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